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Bodybags, The - Psychopathic killer

I'm a psychopathic killer, coming out on your way

couplet 1 Haven't you heard the news
didn't you watch t.v.
you didn't read any papers
that's as bad it could be

couplet 2 The monsters is on the loose
And it is heading down to you
If you don't think up fast
I'm gonna kill you too

couplet 3 Michael myers is being sad and scared
Freddy and Jason, there all nothing compared
against the horror of the monster that's on your way
you'd better find a shelter where you can stay

couplet 4 well, you can run
and you can hide
but there ain't no place
were you won't be find

couplet 5 I'll slice yer head off
like a chunk o'meat
i'm gonna mess with your corpse
and it is gonna be neat


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