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Griswalds - Who's Crying Now

Written by: Pudney & Barnham

You told me that you'd love me and you'd never let me go
well what the hell came over you i guess i'll never know
you were seeing someone behind my back and saying it;s not true
i'll tell you just this one last time i always will love you

so tell me, who, who's cring now, so tell me, who, who's cring now

I started trying to live my life without you by my side
these feelings of despaire, I knew I had to hide
I found myself another girl to share times good or bad
but how was I to know that you had plans to make me sad, so tell me, who.....

that shock I got that sunday night when I came through the door
you threatened me with suicide if I didn't give you more
you said you didn't want that guy you only wanted me
I said just give me time to think we'll have to wait and see, so tell me, who.....

well now I look back on that time and I feel such a fool
how I let you walk right back acting oh so cool
'cos you said you wanted me but I just couldn't see
that someone got you pregnant and that someone wasn't me, so tell me, who.....

and now to sum the whole thing up with words from another song*
youve done too much much too young, and now its all gone wrong
stuck with a guy you don't care for, the thing that'll make you mad
one day you will realise i'm the best you ever had, so tell me, who, who's cring now.


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