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Mad Dog Cole - Ultra Violence

Ultra Violence calling? it?s calling out my name,
Says it wants to meet with me, to play some fuckin? games,
Ultra Violence calling, it?s says it?s gonna ride,
Ride me to oblivion then fuck me up inside.


Ultra Violence in my brain, it rocks my world, drives me insane,
Ultra Violence here to stay, that?s Ultra Violence USA,
Said it ain?t gonna leave me, said it ain?t gonna stray,
Guess only fuckin? time will tell, it?s Ultra Violence U???.SA

Got called up by America?. referred to me by name,
They want to get us to L.A?. they wanna up the game,
Then got called up by Europe ?. they also want to talk,
To MaddogCole and his psycho men, cos they know we walk the walk.


Looking to the future, we?re gonna rule the world,
We?ll take no fuckin? prisoners, on our glorious road to hell,
All I see are psychos??. all I see is hate,
C?mon down to the MadDog town, and we?ll meet you at the gates.


So if you?ve trouble sleepin??. and you know just where we?re at,
Grab yourself a fuckin? beer?. and head down for a chat,
But if you find us rockin??. to the sounds inside your head,
Don?t? give us none of that attitude, cos I?ll shoot you fuckin? dead!


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