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Hyperjax - Sacred Ground

Written by: Sam Woods

Our northern lights, are shining to and fro.
A social strike reoccurs like long ago.
Each of two colours, take in turn to maim.
You paint a vivid picture in your mind.
Now put it into frame.
Up in arms, at daggers drawn.
The streets are shut the turfs are torn.
Green is the grass you could have sworn (why is it so?)

Who?ll rise and fall when all you engines fail (whaoh)
Your train of thought is running off the rails (whaoh-oh)
Killing all its passengers and burning bridges down
Carve the creed in stone to mark this time on your ever sacred ground

All systems down, although the sirens screams.
In Oldham town, this lone asylum deems.
One right-wing regime, to one community
A two-way head collision demonstrates, escalates the lunacy.
Who?s the first to seize the day?
Peace is another price to pay.
So the folk ? lore bible says (why is it so?)

An impulse of war, on the corner and round the bend.
(They say!) Board up the door, no room here for amend.
You all may set a sun, but its how you make it rise.
Will the next dawn start anew and free all the anger in your eyes
When the flag you fly has flown.
Segregates you to your own.
When the final trumpets blown (Why is it so?)

Words and music (Sam Woods) copyright 2002


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