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Buzzbombs - Train to Hades

One thousand tons of blackened steel
Screaming like a murder wheel
Conductor?s flesh flapping in the wind.

Souls of torment by my side
Slasher smiles, homicide
One-way ticket to a world of sin

Rolling on the train to Hades X4

Made a deal with El Diablo
Sold my soul for a GTO
200 horses out of the gate

With custom flames and lightning chrome
She roared like the guns of Navarone
Till the fateful night she lost that race

Rolling on the train to Hades X4

A car as black the devil?s heart
Pulled along me at the start
Off we went to duel to the death

I lost my pink to an evil laugh
Bony hands and a reaper?s slash
Paid my dues with one last sighing breath

Rolling on the train to Hades X4


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