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King Voodoo - Those Damn Dames

I Walk Home Alone From A Night In The Bar
Drinking Some Fine Whisky So I Left My Big Ole Car
Then Out Of The Shadows Came A Dark Haired Girl
Those Damn Dames Just Won?t Leave Me Alone

Then Early In The Morn Had A Thumpin In My Head
So I Popped Down To The Store Cos I Needed Some Bread
But The Girl Behind The Counter Had Some Other Ideas
So Many Dames Git Me Outta Here

Yeah Out On The Road I Was Runnin Out Of Gas
Stopped At The Station But I Found I Had No Cash
But The Petrol Pump Gal Said Pay Me In Kind
Those Damn Dames Drive Me Outta O My Mind

Now Put A Man In A Candy Store
He?ll Come Out Smelling Sweet
But His Ole Wife Got Her Old Man Beat..

So Many Temptations On The Path To Righteousness
I Pull Em Like A Magnet You May Think That I Been Blessed
But A Man Needs His Rest & I?m Dawgone Tired
Those Damn Dames Just Make Me Expire


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