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Small Town Pimps, The - Mental Mama

Written by: Sexy Pimp/M.Wistrom

Mental Mama (Sexy Pimp/M.Wistr?m)

Youre clothes are hangin up in the fan,
your head in the oven just to get some tan
The kitchen built as bowlinghall,
a ten-gear bike on the bedroom wall

You have been away for just one day,
take home a girl, you always gotto pay
she?s not retarded just insane in thebrain,
full distorsion and ten on thegain

She?s my mental, mental mama,
quite insane with a peanut brain
mental, mental mama,
can?t obey with a broken DNA

She sleeps like standing upside down,
she eats under the table as fullgrown hound
When it comes to love she can?t pull the breaks,
that?s why I keep in a mental, mental shape

She?s my mental, mental mama...


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