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Small Town Pimps, The - Superpsychozombie

Written by: Kinky Pimp/H.Jonsson

Well I gonna drink that bottle down,
and I gonna wreck this part of town,
and I cannot behave at all,
I try to stand but I will fall
See and learn when youre too drunk

Cause I?m your superpsychozombie
I?m too drunk to see
I?m your superpsychozombie
come and drink a lot with me
I?m your superpsychozombie
the hero of the day
I?m your superpsychozombie
Flying up, up ,up, flying up, up and away

Well I gonna show you how it?s done,
to crawl on all four on the ground,
we go like crazy all the time,
And it takes a man to do that right

Cause I?m your superpsychozombie...


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