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Death Valley Surfers - Hot Rod Boogie

Written by: Russ Ward

Pulled up in a Hot Rod,its a saturday night
Sitting in the car park,& feeling all right
There's a rock'n'roll party across the street
Now it's time to move your feet

Its a Hot Rod boogie

Dancing on the table,Barking in the sink
Rolling on the floor,What's your mother gonna think
There's a beef cake in the oven ,What ya gonna do?
Gotta do the rumba & booga-loo

Tiger dressed in Leather & he wants to dance
The Chicks are all around & he's gotta take a chance
The boots start a pounding,i said the boots start a pounding
The boots start a pounding

It's a Hot, Hot, Hot Rod boogie

Lyrics by Russ Ward


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