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Washington Dead Cats, The - Waikiki bay

He was a regular guy
With a hang ten style
Happy when the surf was up
But there ain?t no wave
That?s gonna save him
Johnny - He?s in love

Take a look at his eye?s
He?s hyp-no-tized
He treats him with a heart of stone
But he ?ll never break free
Of her devil-ry
Coz Johnny?s ? he?s in love

So hang?em high
Let the good guy?s die
Coz the devil?s gotta have his fun
And she?s as mean as a voodoo queen
And johnny he?s in love

Her spell will send us straight to hell
And if that ain?t bad enough
Waikiki bay has had it?s day
Coz Johnny ? he?s in love

(I wanna get high on the tubes I ride
I wanna be a slave to the wave)


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