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Milwaukee Wildmen - Get In The Pit

Feel like Stomping
Let the beast arise
There's just one cure
Soon to realize

During the week
In my hole I hide
But on Friday nights
I've got this blood rush-drive

Well I
'M dwelling throughout the land
In search for certain places
My old folks just don't understand
Free beer, guest list
Backstage freak
Nothing else to lose
This is where I want to be

Get in the Pit
It's coming down
Bodies are piled up on the ground
Get in the pit
No need to hide
Just park your boots
In the front or side

No need to hide, become your dread and fright
Grind your teeth till your jaw's stiff
Let's get it on tonight!

It's a weekly injection
Friday night?s here
Come out and play
Where evil comes to call
The wildmen are here
So all I got to say


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