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Milwaukee Wildmen - Three Men Army

As we walk beside your shadow
Through the valley of death
You're looking back to think the future away

Take a look at yourself
Before you toss the dice
We're just here to stay

Despite everyone's advice
We make you listen
To us once
You better rock to the rhythm and blues tonight
Into the darkness not into the light

Turn us on
Dead men walk
I'd rather scream, don?t want to talk
If this ain't your style
You certainly are going to get

Here to Incite
Not to sedate
Provoked delight
Just let us be your guiding light

Look alive
Weapons aimed
To Proclaim
Three Men Army
Lock and Load
Not taking your complains

Start the engine, shift the gear
Open wide, your mind needs feeding'
Face the fears, demystified all right

No we never paint our face
Telling gruesome tales
Provoke your hyperactive waves
We do not fear some kind of vision
Just let our senses guide

It's what they tell
Three is a crowd
You will never break our front

Look ahead progressive thoughts
It's the violence
Keeping us alive

More guts your bowels handle
Power's here to flee
With the mysteries surrounding
Heretics in exile

Hope we draw enough attention
With this new flick out to come
Don't take it all too seriously
We kick this just for Fun!


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