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In chronological order credits go out to:

  Roy ter Maat: Founder of the wreckingpit

Roy ter Maat lives in Amsterdam and started to work on the Psychobilly Homepage in may 1995. When a concert list and basic bands information pages were made, the things really started to lift off. People started to help with information. Thirteen years later the Wreckingpit is one of the leading psychobilly websites.

For my working career I have a linkedin profile:
View Roy ter Maat's profile on LinkedIn

Other interests: The Travelpapers: Website of photos I made for the pictures that my wife took during our travels.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/stereomania/: Another hobby: Stereo photography. I put a few of my 3D pictures on Flickr.

Email: roy@wreckingpit.com

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  Santino Di Renzo: First designer of the wreckingpit

Santo lives in Brooklyn NY where he has his studio "dSize Events and Production". He used to be a psycho years ago, in Rome, where is from. few years ago he found Roy and his Psychobilly Homepage. He designed the front page image and the world famous logo for the Wreckingpit web site.
Email: get_hooked_up2001@yahoo.com

  Johnny Graves: Reviewer

Johnny come to us from Sunny Los Angeles California. Grew up listening to the punk sounds of "Black Flag," "Dead Kennedys," "Subhumans," and metal sounds of "Iron Maiden," "Metallica," and "Judas Priest." He Didn't really pick up on the Psychobilly bug until hearing "The Rev. Horton Heat" and a local psychobilly band named "Calavera." After that he found Psychobilly to be the perfect medium for the 2 genures that he already loved. Found the Wreckingpit by mistake and then checked it out and loved the info on it. Soon after he asked roy he could help with it and roy agreed. Right now Johnny is Student in College working on his degree in Webpage Design. Johnny enjoys writing reviews for the wreckingpit, it seems to be one of his favorite hobbies. The other is playing rhythm guitar in a punk band called, "Third String". He loves doing those 2 things.
Email: johnny@wreckingpit.com


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