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Danny Casket - Guitar/Vox
Ivan Dead - Bass/Vox
J Decay - Guitar
Willie Killigan - Drums/Vox


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From what has been reported and recorded about Zombilly all we know for sure is that they are the walking dead of the previously deceased Texas Billy Boys.

How they came to become the undead remains a mystery. One thing we do know is that these zombie rockers take no prisoners. A classic C&W rockabilly band, TBB played out around Texas garnering a reputation for good clean fun and simple country tunes. After their demise, rumors of rockabilly zombies started up in the Houston area.

Follow up reports indicated that these zombillies were disturbing Texas venues, attacking patrons, and impregnating the Betties. This was later found out to be an attempt to eat their brains. Several attacks were reported to law enforcement but went uninvestigated due to the disbelief of zombies, rockabilly zombies, or this group of zombillies. One incident ended with the monsters taking to the stage, and belting out hardcore psychobilly tunes merged with straight laced punk and old school metal. The fleeing crowds heard the music and became mesmerized by the living dead?s furious playing. After a rawkus set of pure Texas psycho the crowd erupted in glorious applause, hoots and hollers. They then proceeded to run like hell as the closing of Zombilly?s set re-ignited the creatures hunger for flesh.

They'll drop you like Danzig. Attacks continue through Texas. There seems to be no end to this madness. THEY WON'T STAY DEAD! Psychobilly Undead + Punk + Brutal Surf Metal = ZOMBILLY

CURREN STATUS: Zombilly stopped playin in the summer of 2006. Some bandmembers are working on other projects.

Website: Zombilly


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