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The Washington Dead Cats


Mat Firehair
Lord Fetide Beltran
Chet Alban
Kall him G.G
El senor Igor

Washington Dead Cats re-issues
3rd Nov 2005
Washington Dead Cats touring in France 2004!
23rd Sep 2004

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The Washington Dead Cats are to french rock and roll what the fall of the Bastille was to the french revolution - a damn good reason to party! One of the best rockin' groups this side of the Atlantic and a brand new album to prove it. Who couldn't help falling in love with a group who kick out such a monster french version of Johnny Kidd's - ' Shakin' All Over.' They are such a breath of fresh air in a world where prime-time teen music has been hijacked by mediocre, money-spinning t.v. talent contests.
The WDC will put a spell on you with their magical mix of power punk, rugged rockabilly, sky-blue surf, midnight garage, fuel-injected mambo and hypnotic voodoo rhythms. These are comic-book heroes from the world of 50s kitch - zany characters from the underworld of z-rated movies. ' Treat Me Nice, ' said The King. ' Treat Me Bad,' say the Dead Cats. It's the title of their fab new disc. Lock up your daughters, music lovers. It includes tracks like ' Devil In High Heels,' ' Le Diable En Personne,' ' Mexican Wrestler,' and ' Aloha From Ligres Beach' - timeless musical pictures from the Dead Cats' unique tapestry of talent and bizarre musical tastes - a taste tailored lovingly and faithfully over the years.Oh yes, there is only one Washington Dead Cats. But what is the secret of the group's eternal life? Well, they say NO to monotony and Yes to diversity - each member, free to follow his own diverse projects.

Vocalist Mat Firehair also sings and swings for the french hip-hop blues recording combo - the JuJu Messengers. And guitarist, Lord Fester Beltran, is an established and well-published comic-book artist deluxe. All the group's members have their own secret 'other ' life. And why are they so unique? Mat Firehair, screaming and a crooning better than ever, like a punk-injected vegas Sinatra, drunk on blues and high-octane rock'n'trash. Lord Fester, a cyberockabillysurfin' living god of the twang, a guitaring cocktail of Link Wray, Eddie Cochran, the Clash with just a little bit of jazz on the side, just for good measure. Last, but not least, the ' Devil Deluxe ' horn section ( trumpet, trombone and sax ) who give oomph and class in equal amounts, the mark of all great groups. The rhythmn section of bass and drums are just too terrifying to mention. We'll just say it takes a stronger man than me to carry on stage the bassist's coffin before each show.

And what about the look? Addams Family meets Frankenstein Junior led by the charismatic showman Firehair, elegance and charm surrounded by a gang of renegade zombies. This group can scare you or seduce you ..... or both. The live show, like the new album, is eclectic and electric, a rare example of warmth, originality and style in a world where such virtues have sadly gone out of fashion.

Website: The Washington Dead Cats

Washington Dead Cats, The - Blue Surfin? girl
Washington Dead Cats, The - Mexican Wrestler
Washington Dead Cats, The - Under the coconut trees
Washington Dead Cats, The - Waikiki bay

Treat me Bad! (CD, 0)
Live at the Frankenstein Odeon (CD, 0)
Go vegetables Go! (CD, 0)
Gore a billy Boogie (CD, 0)
Watchamacallit! (CD, 0)


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