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Thee Suspenders

Thee Suspenders


Kenneth: Guitar & Vocals
Wally: Guitar & Vocals
Henke: Drums & Breaking rules
Eric: Slapping Bass

Slapping Suspenders
28th Apr 2002
Slapping Suspenders singer passed away
7th Jun 2001

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In 2001 the Slapping Suspenders (well known for their twisted and perverted humor) are definitely in need of a bass player and a drummer. Michael a.k.a. Psycho-Bun moves from the rear (drums) to the front and front the band. P-B gets Eric and Robin, they agreed to go along and do the booked German tour and nothing more, just that and good-bye SS. But the journey on the road with the boys was so crazy that Eric and Robin decide to stick around a little while longer. The recordings for "Who the fuck is God" is getting finished and another trip is booked, this time to the Netherlands.

But, as everybody knows, life is a fucking, dirty, filthy and nasty bitch!! Michael (which btw was a good song writer) has left us suddenly the day before we were leaving for the tour. He was found on a pavement, on a sunny June afternoon, alcohol poisoned and robbed off (2000 euros), with no sign of life. He was the last original member. He was then picked up by the law (A-C-A-B) and thrown in a drunken cell at the local police station. Later that day, the cops found him unconscious and he was sent to the next-door hospital. The doctors managed to bring him back to life again. But after only 2 hours of struggling, he was finally announce dead. Isn't that psycho enough??!!

Gone but not forgotten. What a bloke!! Even in the last minutes of his life, he was still laughing at death. And unfortunately, P-B never saw the record finished which Revel Yell records released. Back where we started, same crew but Kenneth (has written a numbers of SS?s songs) at the front singing and after a few rehearsals later we are ready to hit the road again.

2002 it?s time to put our act together hit the road to Germany and France. First time without P-B and something was definitely missing. Get back home and write and record a few songs but without any will of releasing ?em (still laying there somewhere). Kenneth writes a few more and that?s it, the wheels are spinning again. P-B was married with Kenneth?s sister, so it finally stays in the family ! But we felt that we have to had some SS tunes in the repertoire, why wasting good materials?

After those few years we can now conclude that ?Slapping Suspenders? went down to the grave with Michael. The legacy that he left behind is well taking care of, 7 albums and a few compilations.

Undead & Rocking! Some call it pure, some call it fashion, some call it pop but we call it Rock ?n? Roll. So that?s why we decided for you guys to bring Thee Suspenders back to life, and the beast is now loose.

Website: Thee Suspenders

Slapping Suspenders - Slice Up Your Wife (MP3)

Blood Sucking Freaks (CD, Count Orlok)
Greece (CD, Count Orlok)
Slice Up Your Wife (CD, Crazy Love)
The Good The Bad And The (CD, Count Orlok)
Torshalla (CD, Revel Yell)
Zuper Oldies (CD, Crazy Love)
Hyndevad (EP, Revel Yell)
Slice Up Your Wife (LP, Crazy Love)


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