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The Termites

The Termites


Kenny "The Duke" Mitchell on Vocals
Scott Ballantyne on Guitars
Ewin Murray on Drums
Matt Black on Electric/Double Bass
Jonny Fiddles on Fiddle

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28th Aug 2006

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DESCRIBED excitedly as psychobilly, punkabilly, punk n roll, cowpunk, whatever...these guys know how to rock.

THE TERMITES played up and down the UK and over in Europe, spreading their brand of fast and furious no-nonsense rock n roll. Building a good following wherever they travelled they became a popular act on the psychobilly/punk scene. The band were as notorious for their off stage antics as they were for their psychotic stage show. However hard living took its toll early in the bands career.

THE TERMITES were a short fuse that blew just as they were becoming one of the big names on the scene. The band were plagued by bad luck and numerous bust ups between band members. Just as a second album was being discussed it was all over. THE TERMITES grudgingly parted ways. There never was an official split!

Kenny tried to keep the band going since the original split, with numerous replacements, but to no avail. He then joined punk n roll band THE HATEVILLE HEROES playing live around the UK.

There was a brief TERMITES reunion in 2000 when they played a few gigs in UK but this was cut short when Kenny moved to the USA.

Then in 2005 THE TERMITES got their act last...with the ORIGINAL LINE UP (and more!) They are back on the road promoting the re-issue of their album "OVERLOAD" check it out.

Dont miss out on this 2nd coming as who knows how short the fuse is this time. Here we go again! Keep checking this page for picture and Termites material updates! New album being recorded jan 2007!

TERMITES RELEASES 1st track released was "Devil Call" on fury records compilation "gypsy girl". A 4 track E.P followed on Raucous Records.
Then 2 tracks on "Psycho tendencies" compilation. The "Overload" album was released on Link Records in 1990 . Last music put out was on Jungle Noise Records in 1991. Songs were-Cramps cover "Cant find my mind" and "Blue Christmas" on a Psychobilly Christmas CD. November 2005-Overload has just been remastered, repackaged and re-issued on Cherry Red/Anagram records

Website: The Termites

The Termites - Kicked in the teeth (MP3)

Everytime (EP, Raucous)


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