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The Silver Shine

The Silver Shine


Ati EDGE - guitars/vocals
Rolee Shine - drums
Frenk Set - double bass

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5th Sep 2008
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THE SILVER SHINE formed in Budapest on the summer of 2004 with the main goal to take some pleasing minutes / hours / years for the fans of psychobilly, punk and rockabilly music. All the members had experience in active bands before they formedTthe Silver Shine, so it wasn't a problem for them to work hard in the band. Ati Edge - guitar/vocals, Rolee Shine - drums and their first double-bassist started the rehearsals, who changed during the years to Frenk Set who is active in the Hungarian psychobilly scene for more than ten years.

They recorded their first EP in February 2005 and it came out as 7" on COMMITMENT RECORDS in The Netherlands during the summer of 2005. The debut EP contains 6 songs and it shows you the punk side of the band. After a couple of serious shows the band went to studio in November 2005 to record their first full-length. Their first full-length album titled "NIGHTMARE" came out on CD by the German label called CRAZY LOVE RECORDS. This album includes 14 songs and follows the psychobilly path including punkabilly roots. The gigs / gig-invitations multiplied after their debut album and the band went to stage with bands like MAD SIN, The METEORS, REZUREX, KLINGONZ, PEACOCKS, The PHANTOM ROCKERS, DEADLINE, etc. in Hungary and in the abroad. The first European-tour of The Silver Shine had happened in the September of 2006 as "Nightmare Tour" and the guys showed the Hungarian derring-do in Spain, France and Germany. The welcome of the band was very good and they have got very good criticism everywhere.
After some hard months in rehearsal room the band has recorded their second full-length album. It came out also by the meanest psychobilly label named CRAZY LOVE RECORDS in May, 2007 as CD and LP titled "DON'T TRUST THE GIRL WITH THE CHAINSAW". The record contains 15 songs, a Hungarian language cover song among other tunes and a wild psychobilly version of "MERCY" originally written by the famous American duo called COLLINS KIDS from the fifties.
After the studio recordings the band went to a west-bound tour again and they made it in Czech Republic, Germany and The Netherlands. In the May of 2007 The Silver Shine were the first outlandish band in the mother country of the legend Count Drakula to show to the Romanian ghouls what the hell is the psychobilly.

Website: The Silver Shine

The Silver Shine - Nowadays

The Silver Shine - Nowadays (MP3)

Don't trust the girl with the chainsaw (CD, Crazy Love Records)
Nightmare (CD, Crazy Love Records)


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