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Marty Ssoulding: Vocals
Paul Scoulding: Guitar
Rich Scoulding: Slap Bass
Shane Hubbard: Drums


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Shakeout began in 1992 when brothers Marty, Paul and Rich Scoulding
broke up their previous band and were joined by Shane Hubbard on drums.
Rich and Marty had been around both the traditional rockin' and
psychobilly scenes for years having been regulars at the legendary Klub
Foot and the Hemsby Rock'n'Roll Weekenders. Paul was only about 15 with a
really open mind but really into the guitar playing of Brian Setzer. Shane
had come from an Indie Rock background and had never played drums before
he auditioned for the band. All this made the guys decide that while they
wanted their sound to be based on the classic styles of bands like The
Ricochets, Guana Batz and Restless, they would be open to influences from
any area of music . Punk, Pop, Ska, Country, Blues - they all appear
somewhere in Shakeouts repertoire.

Gigs in the Norwich area became regular as did shows in London and at
the Charlotte in Leicester with supports to the biggest bands around - King
Kurt, Meteors, Guana Batz, L.T.Texans, Restless etc. Soon the Big Rumble
beckoned and Shakeout were asked to play at 4 of them. At one of these
Tokyo's Planet records approached the band and the result was their 1995
debut album 'Dissonance'.

When it was time to record again it was Germany's Crazy Love Records
who released 'Top of the World' in 1997. This allowed an appearance at the
Berlin Wildcat Weekend which was Shakeouts second show outside the UK
following a set at the Apremont Festival in France.

By the end of 1998 Rich and Marty had decided to call it a day, but
with increased interest in the band on various websites it was agreed in
2005 that it would be a blast to reunite and play again.

Website: Shakeout

Shakeout - Cranial Breakdown
Shakeout - Full Moon Saturday Night

Top Of The World (CD, Crazylove)
Top Of The World (LP, Crazy Love)
Dissonance (CD, Plantet Records)


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