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Scary B.O.O.M.

Scary B.O.O.M.


Kirill Ermichev: vocals, guitar
Sergey Andreev: drums
Egor Konokpaev: slap bass

Russian book about psychobillt written by singer of Scary B.O.O.M.
22nd Jun 2008
Incoming Russian Message: Scary B.O.O.M.
17th Jan 2002

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Scary B.O.O.M. appeared in Kupchino, one the least prestigious districts of Leningrad (now St. Petersburg ). Nothing could hinder the process of their formation, neither the self-made drugs nor bad alcohol or Gorbachev reforms. Responding to the severe conditions of post-Soviet reality three school buddies responded with the equally severe music, high speed psychobilly.

At present the music of Scary B.O.O.M. has changed: they have never been one style guys. "The main thing is for the music to keep the rebellious spirit doing away with all the canons, and the wild spirit we inherited from our ancestors who did their campfire dances," says Kirill Ermichev, the group's front man. Scary B.O.O.M. came out with three albums, and they are all different. Actually, the second CD by Scary B.O.O.M. is a unique mix of music and literature, based on the novel of a notorious writer Ilya Stogoff. As of today, Scary B.O.O.M. consists of:

At times the trio invites guest performers on the clarinet, trumpets, French horns, violins and harps.

Scary B.O.O.M. is a two-times winner of Cactus Independent Music Award, and recently, a winner of the Best Script Award of the "Heart of the Abyss" video at Kinorok Rock Video Festival. In 2006 Scary B.O.O.M. became the first Russian rock band that won the first prize on European festival (Altomonte Rock Festival, Italy ). Their music, a strong mixture of all music styles currently known to humankind, Scary B.O.O.M. continue to torture the refined ears of music lovers worldwide. You can meet people in Scary B.O.O.M. t-shirts not only in England , Brazil or Japan , but even in Bakhmutovo Village in Rzhevsky District of Tver Region, the place you may have never heard about before now.

In 2008 Kirill Ermichev published his first book entitled ?Russian Psychoattack?. It?s a story about Russian psychobilly boom that took place in hard times of social and political changes in Russia (1987-2000).

Website: Scary B.O.O.M.
P.O.Box 889

Scary B.O.O.M. - Crocodile Hunting
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The Food Of The Gods (CD, RY)
The Food Of The Gods (LP, RY)
Scary B.O.O.M. & Ilya Stogoff (CD, Kap-Kan Records)
Danke, Auf Wiedersehen! (CD, Pure & Proud)
1992 (CD, Kap-Kan Records)
Love-Cola (CD, Monthly)


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