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Rocker Arms

Rocker Arms


Hedzer Gelijsteen: Double Bass
Jef van Breda: Guitar and Vocals
Raymond van Baal: drums.

Rocker Arms cd release in Amersfoort ...more >>
9th Jan 2010
Rocker arms psychobilly on Dutch Mtv
9th Mar 2006

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Rocker Arms, started late 1999 they rock around the Netherlands with their uplifting rock & roll sound.

With slappin? double bass, surfing guitars and pumping drums they provide an amazing spectacle on stage! You find yourself in movies by Quentin Tarantino or Hitchcock, a rocking ride of thrill, action and sensation!

Until now they?ve played throughout the Netherlands including : Den Bosch ? Willem 2, Harderwijk ? Park 3, Amersfoort ? De Flint, Leusden, Pudding Pop, Wageningen ? Kabaal am Gemaal, and many other venues, festivals and pubs. They played with bands such as: Godless Wicked Creeps, Mad Sin, Demented Are Go, Cenobites and Frantic Flintstones.

Born from passion for good music, good beer and armed with an energetic but most of all solid live act, does this trio tour the Netherlands to give people an unforgettable night.

In 2005 the band finally went into the studio to record their debut album ? Dresscode : Rock n Roll ?. Twelve pure rock n roll tracks and an intro that take the listener time traveling to the beginning of contemporary rock music, but with a modern twist.

Website: Rocker Arms

Rocker Arms - French Kiss (MP3)


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