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KIKE - Vocals & Kazoo
PONYBOY - Guitars & Vocals

Punkats from Spain are on tour!
7th Mar 2008
New DVD of Punkats
2nd Nov 2007

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In November 2004, two harden musicians of the zamorana punk scene, decided to joint their forces and brought to life something different. At that moment Punkats was born, a good dose of R'N'R, Punk, Psychobilly and Punkabilly played by an acoustic guitar and two vocals. A self-style that later will named as Psychoacousticpunkabilly. And it is not only in the sound where they show that not everything is invented, because their scenography leaves mute more than one.

January the fifht of 2005, the band gave their first show, and from this moment, they began to tour for all the country, visiting several cities like Salamanca, Valladolid, Tudela de Duero, Cu?llar... and sharing shows with bands like Ultrapus, Josu Distorsi?n y los del Puente Romano or Gerardo Vantroi among others. March 2006, the Punkats debut CD is ready. The CD is named "Psychoacousticpunkabilly Demo". The work was published by the legendary antiauthoritarian distributor Melancronicam and selled at the incredible price of 1 euro. The disc has eight songs recorded alive, a videoclip and a wide review with 600 photos of different shows of this couple of rebellious demons. The 1000 first copies were nearly sold out.

In April 2006, Punkats began the tour, and brought their show to other many cities like Madrid, Alicante, Barcelona, Le?n, Zamora... August 2006. "Times are changing". Searching the next logical step in their evolution, a third member was incorporated to the band. His name is Lobokat, and he is only a piece of a drum, a bass and a piano midi recorded in a CD. After the Lobokat incorporation, there was new ideas and more illusion for playing. October 2006. Punkats returned stronger than ever. With a renewed and more complete sound, Punktas always surprise in their shows. They began a new tour to be in fit just to make the second disc. December 2006: the second disc recordings began, and the title is "HTM ("Hazlo T? Misma"). Punkats try with this CD to take the sipirit of "DIY" to its maximum expression; this is the reason they take care of the recording, mixes, mastering, production, designs, etc... as well as the recording and assembly of a new video. f the quality of the CD is not absolutely professional (although it really improves the first recording), the truely valuable thing of this disc is the satisfaction and the good flavour that leaves a good work in equipment, and mainly doing the things by DIY. The disc includes 10 tracks and one track CD-ROM with 1 videoclip, the cover pages in JPG and some more things. The CD is published and distributed by Melancronicam and Punkats, just for 0.99 euros. February 23rd 2007, the second disc of Punkats is out: ?Htm? and begins the disc launching tour. Only in the first week, more than 120 copies were sold.

Website: Punkats

Punkats - Liberate con arte
Punkats - Lobokat

Punkats - A Mi Manera (MP3)
Punkats - Horror Street (MP3)

HTM - Hazlo Tu Misma (CD, Melancronicam)
Psychoacusticpunkabilly Demo (CD, Melancronicam)
Diez Videos Diabolicos (DVD, Melancronicam)


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