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Psycho Charger

Psycho Charger


Jimmy Psycho: Vox, Guitar
The Diabolical "Dr. K": Bass
"Maniac" Mike La Rocka: Drums

New album: Psycho Charger - Mark of the ps ...more >>
8th Sep 2010
Psycho Charger finished recording new cd. ...more >>
18th Jul 2009
Psycho Charger "Curse of the psycho" released in Europe
30th Sep 2007
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9th Feb 2007
New in the shop: Psycho Charger - Curse of the psycho
1st Mar 2006

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The history of PSYCHO CHARGER begins a few years back in Miami Beach, FL... Originally known as THE PSYCHONAUTS, the "band" was originally a studio project founded by Jimmy Psycho. After releasing a debut cassette, the demand for The Psychonauts to play live increased, and eventually, The band made their public debut at a birthday party in honor of our dear sweet Lord and King, Elvis Presley. At that moment, the band began to define a new type of music that is best described as "Industrial-Strength Trash-a-Billy". Since that first show, the band has witnessed attendance at their live shows significantly increase in equal parts due to their unique sound and "Horror-themed" live shows consisting of "Skeleton Men", "Ghost Warrior", "The Blood Feast Show", Elvis Vegas-style jumpsuits, Luche Libre Wrestling, Planet of the Apes tributes," B-movie trailers and other oddities.

Due to pending legal action from a group using the same name, The Psychonauts changed their name, to PSYCHO CHARGER, formerly annoucning the name change on the 65th birthday of Elvis.

Currently, the band is continually working hard and keeping busy with practice, writing new material, and playing a regular schedule of live showcase gigs in and out of their hometown NYC, including recent outings to promote the Debut CD and the"Gothabilly" CDs. PSYCHO CHARGER has shared the stage with a variety of music notables, including Deadbolt, Los Straightjackets, Nashville Pussy, The Electric Hellfire Club, The Amazing (Royal) Crowns, The Independents, El Vez, Man or Astro Man?, Truckadelic, Agent Orange, The Mad Daddys, The Hillbilly Hellcats, Hi-Fi and the Roadburners, Link 80, the Belmont Playboys, new alt-rockers Dishwalla, the Swingin' Neckbreakers, and the legends Link Wray, Robert Gordon, and Ronnie Dawson.

Website: Psycho Charger
Psycho Charger
P.O. Box 167
New York, NY 10028

(212) 561-9586
mobile: (917) 860-1977

Psycho Charger - Devilsnake (MP3)
Psycho Charger - Ride (MP3)
Psycho Charger - Rockabilly Baby (MP3)

Psycho Charger (CD, SKULLY RECORDS)
Horror Rawkillbilly (CD, Antidote)


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