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Pickled Punks

Pickled Punks


Spike- Vocals
Destin- Drums
Mike- Guitar
Jasen- Upright Bass


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"Come one! Come all! Get your tickets to the Freak show! Pay the measly fee to see the deformed monstrosities that have been pickled in plain sealed jars. Are they human? Are they monsters? Neither, they are the Pickled Punks and they are pure Freak Show Pyschobilly!

America’s newest blasphemy of nature has knawed and chewed it’s way through the womb of the Lone Star State with a hard but old school Psychobilly sound and a live show that teeters on the brink of insanity. The Pickled Punks deliver what they promise... raw, stomping psycho that will slap your Mom and call you Sue. Even their hometown of Austin, Texas - the Live Music Capitol of World can barely keep the punks sealed away. Already banned from a couple of venues in the State of Texas— venues unable to cope with experiencing true Psychobilly — for being too extreme and too real, the Pickled Punks continue their mad tour. Lucky for the Pickled Punks, Austin has over 200 music venues... but give them time.

The demented ring master, Spike spanks the audience with insane physical stage antics, improv humor and verbal lashings. Not even band mates or innocent trash cans are safe. Watching a Pickled Punks live show will make you happy that the microphone is not cordless and acts as a leash keeping the vocalist (Spike) confined to a certain distance from the stage, making it possible to stand in the back of the crowd to avoid his physical contact. Although this won't save you from the threat of verbal mistreatment. This isn’t the first time around the circus for Spike. Vocalist and founding member of one of America’s first Psychobilly bands, the Barnyard Ballers, Spike has been infecting the World since 1991. After meeting up with Destin, the drum tormentor of high octane psycho band, Concombre Zombi, the two decided a new Austin Psycho band was ready to be unleashed. They scavenged their local dark and dingy dive bar, the Jackalope, and found the bass-slapping whiskey-slewing bartender, Jasenstein. Sensing that they might need to bring in the heavy artillery, they enlisted the Gretsch slinging guitarist and Iraq vet, Mike. Together this conjoined quadruplet, some call — the “best-looking band in Psychobilly” aka Pickled Hunks — came up with their own unique sound.

Stocked up with pounds of bbq and booze pumping through their veins, the Pickled Punks are just finishing up their first full-length CD and planning some tours through the US. So keep an eye out and a nose-down, for this Freak Show when it comes to your town because the umbylical cord has been cut and the Pickled Punks are on the loose wreaking of formaldehyde and booze — doing what ever it takes to 'preserve' their way of life."

Website: Pickled Punks


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