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The Photon Torpedoes


Alien Rob: vocals
Zach the Ripper: Guitar
Captain Ringstinger: Bass, vocals
Ricky Magic: drums, vocals

Reviews from Blazing Haley and Photon Torpedoes
21st Jul 2002
Klingonz/Karloff/Photon Torpedoes
19th Mar 2002

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The year 2003 marks the fourth year this Boston psychobilly, punk band has been on this planet. And don't let the billy part fool you into thinking they have taken on the alien form of those neo-rockabilly types because the frenzy and mania that comes from this band will frighten your pomp and bobby socks right off.

Alien Rob, Captain Ringstinger, Ricky Magic, Zach the Ripper
Their debut CD "It Came From Outer Space" released in November 1999 on Raucous Records in the UK, proved their bizarre, alien persona with songs that shriek with psychosis. A 7" entitled "Flesh Eating Bacteria" was beamed out to you on Baby Doll Records (limited edition, now sold out!) with some skin crawling tunes. Now, their latest CD, "Creature Double Feature" creeps out of the swamps to boast their best work yet, released on Spindrift Records. This CD was released April of 2002 during their latest European tour.

These aliens have ambushed crowds with their music touring the East Coast several times, Europe twice, along with being included on the bills of the NYC Psychobilly Rumble (Spindrift Records), the West Coast?s 1st Annual Wrecker?s Ball, LA's 1st American Nightmare Festival, a recent 2-week tour of Northern and Southern California, keeping a steady gig schedule since their creation.

The Photon Torpedoes have performed with European psychobilly bands such as Demented Are Go, Nekromantix, Mad Sin, The Klingonz, Batmobile, The Hangmen, The Sharks, Frenzy and more. Also, they have performed with other psychobilly bands such as The Hellbilly's, Calavera, Os Catelipticos, Los Gatos Locos and Tiger Army. Other than psychobilly, the band can add Man or Astroman, The Amazing Crowns, The Strangemen, Deadbolt, 13 Ghosts, Kings of Nuthin?, Big Bad Bullocks and more to the list of bands performed with over the years.

You can check out some of the band?s tunes on the soundtracks to a local Boston Sci-Fi movie, "Wired Awake", which has been entered into several independent film festivals. "Vampire Bitches" was written for the movie entitled the same. Another soundtrack is being written for a movie about the band's favorite midget, Beetle Juice, entitled, "The Dumb Leading the Blind."

The Photon Torpedoes have also been listed on several CD compilations worldwide including a Meteors CD tribute from England, a Batmobile CD tribute out of Japan and a GG Allin CD tribute out of Sweden. Other compilations include Creepy Rat Records, Raucous Records, Grave Rockers CD and more. If you dare listen, you better be prepared to reach realms of apprehensive, delusional and schizophrenic conditions. You might not come back alive.

Website: The Photon Torpedoes

Photon Torpedos, The - Photon Torpedos
Photon Torpedos, The - Stop and hold that UFO

Photon torpedoes - Kill baby kill (MP3)

Creature Double Feature (CD, Spindrift)
Revere Beach Rapist (Single, Spider Bite)

Photon Torpedoes - Creature Double Feature


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