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The Monsters

The Monsters


Beat-Man -Guitars/Vocals
Janosh -Bass
Di Putto -1Drum
Swan Lee -2Drum

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6th May 2013
New album of Reverend Beat-Man (singer of the Monsters)
23rd Dec 2007
24th Oct 2006
The Monsters new album: Hide and Seek
1st Aug 2005
The Monsters and Reverend Beat-man in a documentary
4th Jan 2005

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The Monsters were formed in Bern, Switzerland back in 1986. Their sound is a mixture between Rockabilly and 60`s Garage Punk. In the beginning they where a trio with stand up bass and stand up drums. After a while, drummer Oli left the band to play with Berns' rockabilly trio the Radiations. Oli was replaced by Peppe, owner and founder of Record Junkie the label and record shop. The Monsters only played in Switzerland from 1986 - 1990, and soon became unknown local heroes and recorded two long playing albums "Masks"1989(LP) & "The Hunch" 1990 (LP/CD) and a 4 song 7" EP "Nightmares"(1988) for Record Junkie In the begining of the 90`s the Monsters played in Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Austria, and England. They released a few 45rpm`s on several labels in the USA, Germany, and Italy (Dionysus, Jungle noise, Mad driver..) and two new Long playing albums "Psych out with me" 10" on Jungle noise and the "Youth Against Nature" 12" LP on Record Junkie. Jungle Noise (German label) head Axel Gieseking also did a lot of writing about the Monsters for the press. He also had and still has his own fanzine called "Sartorial Elegance". The Monsters became a household name in Europe and Axel Gieseking also organized, together with Demolition Derby (Belgium), a very "successful" little Tour de Europe. The Monsters played Paris, London, Berlin, Hamburg, Torino...and 100 of other places where Rock`n`Roll still exists. In 1992 Beat-Man started his own record Label called Voodoo Rhythm. With this label he tried to publish his own projects (The Monsters, Lightning Beat-Man Reverend Beat-Man) and other Swiss Rock Garage acts and Punk and Rockabilly bands.

Today the Monsters play more than ever, the new record 'i see dead people' are selling very well Crazy Love records in Germany did a reprint of the long sold out 2 first albums, the mask , the hunch... and voodoo rhythm did a reprint of the 97 album 'youth against nature' the monsters today are a 3 or a 4 piece bands and they play with the world first CLONE DRUM SET... Di Putto hits one side Swan Lee the other... the result is LOUD and FAST as fuck!

Website: The Monsters

The Monsters - I'm a record junkie (MP3)


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