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Monster Klub

Monster Klub


Paskal: Guitar and lead vocal
Eric: Bass and B-Vocals
Arno: drums


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The Monster Klub started in 1997. Six month after a d?mo was recording with 8 tracks "don't be afraid baby". In 1999 the first Cd "Welcome" is record and produced by Fred Skarface on his label: NoCo. Many many gigs in France, with an apparition at the: "Demons of the swamp 3".

At the end of the year 2000 ,second Cd "Act II" (16 tracks + 1 video clip ) always on NoCo. Concert at the Divan du Monde (one of the best and mythic venue in Paris) with a french Ska Band: Los tres Puntos. First review and interview in a French Rock'n roll magazine: Rock Sound.

2001: Calella Fest in Spain (Juillet 2001). Euopean tour with "The Hangmen"(uk): England, Germany, Holland, france. On track (the cover of Michael Myers) on "Sympathy for the Devil" (Tribute to the Meteors).

2002: for the french ska Band SKARFACE, they covered one of their song ; darling. For their Anniversary CD. A record session in England with P.Paul Fenech for two songs with him for his solo album: Fenechaphobia. Concert in London at the Klub Tastic

2003: The third Album: "Inside" with a video game by Mike Dugann(usa). French tour with the METEORS (Lyon, Marseille). Second Interview in "Punk Rawk magazine" 1with one track on the sampler. Second participation at the "Psychobilly Meeting" in Calella (Spain) .

2004: Festival in Poland (varsaw) with the Meteors and Robotix...
and a lot of gigs for the end of this year (2004)
belgium, Holland, and a french tour. Actually they finish the songs for the fourth album " DRINK WITH THE DEVIL" they work on a DVD, and record songs for compilations (usa, Mexique, France)

Website: Monster Klub

Monster Klub - Rony is a robot now (MP3)

Welcome (CD, NeCo)
Act II (CD, NeCo)
Inside (CD, NeCo)


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