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Mad Mongols


Toshi: Vocals
Seri: Drums
Masato: Bass
Hiroki: Guitar


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After forming the band in 1991, the Mad Mongols ,a Japanese Psychobilly band has gotten very popular in Japan. The first Mad Mongols ' members was : Kiyoaki ,vocal and guitar (now he plays with the Eightmen),Masato "slap bass & vocal"(play with SxTxH & Mad Masato) and Takashi on drums ,the Mongols ' members are now: Toshi ( the only singer now) ,Seri on drums ,Masato is still on acoustic bass and Hiroki is on guitar now.

The sound of Mad Mongols ,speedy slap,the powerful rhythm of the drum and the crashing sound of the guitar has influenced not only Japanese band's but also bands in Europe .
The New School Psychobilly was born with the Mongols. In august 1992,their first 12 inch single "mongolian shop"was released and at the same time they participated in the compilation album"Rumble party" released by Fury records . In october they performed at the English Psychobilly event "Big Rumble" and was approved by English bands.A lot of bands and artists were impressed with the Mad Mongols who has been performing many front acts for differents bands in the great performance adility and in dinamic sound rarely seen in Japanese bands. Levi Dexter saw them and said "they are wild and crazy !".

In 1993,they joined in the compilation album "Jappin Psycho Bomb " release , in 1994 the second 12 inch single "Bruce fuckin Lee"was released by Jappin'rockin label. In october 1994 ,first album "cripple satan scream" was released by a Japanese major label (Teichiku records) and at the same time was released a best of Mongols "just for the hell of it" released by Jappin rockin label .In may 1995 Teichiku records released "Blood of Draculas castle"(mini album) and 2 compilations with Mad Mongols "best of Psychobilly" & "Stray Cat Blues".Their 2nd album "Frenzied black demons" on Cyber label was released in 1996. After long times they release now(2004) their best album "revenge of the mongolo?d"(professional & with the typical musical Japanese discipline) on the French label Pure & Proud Records :CHINESE PSYCHO !!!

Just For The Hell Of It (CD, Vinyl Japan)
Revenge Of The Mongoloid (CD, pureandproud)
Bruce Fuckin' Lee (EP, JR)

Mad Mongols - Just for the hell of it

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