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Mad Heads

Mad Heads


Vadim Krasnooky ? guitar, lead vocals
Bogdan Ocheretyany ? drums, vocals
Maxim Krasnooky ? double bass, vocals

Mad Heads Xl also forming a ska band ...more >>
6th Jun 2009

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The Mad Heads was formed in late 1991 by Vadim Krasnooky and had a number of line-up changes before becoming one of the most successful rock bands in Ukraine. First appearence on a CD compilation ? 1993. First CD album, first video, first perfomance abroad ? 1996.
One of the five best Ukrainian rock bands ? 1997. In 2003 the band is signed by Comp Music/EMI.

Since March 2004, there is an expanded line-up available for the live perfomances, known as Mad Heads XL.

MAD HEADS XL is a new project with brass section of famous Ukrainian psycho..rockablly..punk band Mad Heads.
And so, in the beginning of 2004, the new project MAD HEADS XL was born. The line up was doubled with the powerful brass section (trumpet, trombone, saxophone) and the music drifted in the direction of ska with a touch of swing and Ukrainian folk, becoming something that might come out of Manu Chao, Brian Setzer and Emir Kusturica jam session.
That show brought the band to 9 more big open air stages in the next few months, with the audience varied from 5 000 to 100 000 (Day of Youth on the main Kiev's square, Maidan Nezalezhnosti), proving that Mad Heads XL could really entertain a huge audience. In September 2004 the band was invited to take part in Djuice-Drive tour (sport palaces in the 6 biggest cities of Ukraine). They were the only Ukrainian act on the bill with artists from Western Europe. They also got busy playing in the clubs.

Mad Heads XL also appeared abroad, with a lot of success, at Rock for People 2005 festival in Czech Republic, not to mention a club tour of Russia. In September 2005 ZYX Music released maxi-CD Nadiya Yea in Germany, but the main events with this song were happening in the homeland.

The album Nadiya Yea was released in the end of October on Comp Music/EMI, so far in Ukraine only, soon proving to be among the bestselling local releases of the year 2005.

Website: Mad Heads

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