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Legendary Kid Combo

Legendary Kid Combo


Don Bat - Voice, guitar
Lucky Luke - Voice, accoustic guitar
Big Boss - Double bass
Dr. Cyclops - Drums
Sentenza - Banjo


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Early 90's 3 masked Rock n' Roll fans decided to create a band. From 1996 to 1998 the band started to show a personality and a musical direction and in the '98 came out the EP 7? ? ?Teddytales from Mars?, six Punk n' Roll, Horror Surf tracks. 1999 is the year of ?Fivevil Tracks? another EP 7? of raw Rock n' Roll with a better production. The EP is well received both from italian ?zine than forengers ones and the number of the show increase. On the end of 2000 K.T.B. played with bands like Groovy Ghoulies, Dr. Explosion, Flashtones, Demented are go and more. They also played in the winter and summer edition of ?Festival Beat?.

In december came out ?Hellbound Babe!? a CD produced by ?Hangover Record?, 14 Rock n' Roll, Psycho Rockabilly tracks that sign the ultimate sound of K.T.B. In 2003 came out ?Tales and Flames? , released by Mad Driver Records and p.o.t.a. Records. In the 2004 is the time of ?Giants of Rock'n'Roll?, a 10? and CD split with The Hormonas, by Nicotine and Billy's Bones Records.

They played their new songs on Italian tour with bands like Demented are go, Nekromantix, Evil Devil, Astro Zombies and they played at ?Indipendent day Festival? with ?big? bands like CRAMPS and Rancid.

El bat & Dr.Cyclops, founder members of Kim's Teddy Bears, joined Big Boss Segala (Ex. Wild Beats) and Lucky Luke decided to leave the darkest side of psychobilly, to create a new "band" based on a mixture of Drunkabilly, Hillbilly, Old tavern's songs and pure fun. The "COCK-A-BILLY" sound of Legendary Kid Combo.

Website: Legendary Kid Combo

Legendary Kid Combo - Dead City

Legendary Kid Combo - Silver River (MP3)

Booze,Bucks, Death & Chicks (CD, Raucous records)


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