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King Voodoo

King Voodoo


Scotty: Guitar
Eddie: Voice
Dwell: Bass
Rod Vegas: Drums

King Voodoo release on Crazy Love recs
17th Apr 2002
King Voodoo
31st Mar 2002

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It's always been said that Rock'n'Roll is the Devil's music, so let's go to hell.
Raised by Alligators in the Louisiana swamps, the Cob twins, Scotty and Eddie, spent their formative years at the feet of the Bayou Witchdoctors, learning the dark gift's of Voodoo Power. Travelling to our frozen North following a stint as Pro-Wrestlers, the twins have been incarnated in the past in the storms of Cherry 2000 and Men Lie. Using an ancient swamp ritual, the twins cloned themselves to form J60, while the real versions returned home to summon the spirits of the Rockin' dead. Following 4 years in the company of the great'n'gone, the twins are back, Scotty armed only with a big ole' Gretsch guitar and his Gris-Gris bag, while Eddie brings a well used Voodoo Idol & a Growl born in the backwoods.

Splitting the debris of Cherry 2000 and The Connection, Rod Vegas headed for his adopted home and has spent the last 4 years among the bright lights and stripjoints of Las Vegas. After winning and losing a fortune in the desert casinos(including virtually bankrupting Caesar's Palace, one memorable night in '98), Rod ended up in the Nevada State pen after a drag race down the main Vegas strip went horribly wrong. Thrown in a cell with a dying Voodoo swami, the spirits were summoned and Rod left the hole a changed man. Hearing the King Voodoo Call of the Wild, Vegas split Vegas to join the twins, delivering the evil beat of the Voodoo Drums.

And for Big Dwell, D materialised to the trio at the crossroads one foggy midnight, gliding out of the mists with his Doghouse Bass nailed to his back. Nobody knows where he hails from, or where he goes, he just is. Some say he's been here before with The Numbskulls and Karloff, but no-one can tell for sure. Listen to D's thunderous Slappin' Bass, see his Crazy Leopardskin Jive and just think of another mysterious man who ended up nailed to a large piece of wood.

So here they are King Voodoo, charged with 100% Rockin' Power, Rollin' to the wild Rockabilly rhythm, drinking whisky to the mournful country prison blues and re-igniting the Rock'n'Roll fire to end them all. Bow down to the hotrod racers, the truck stop wasters, the drive-in crazies, the juke-joint hellraisers. Ladies & Gentlemen. Alive or undead. The rockinest Creeper wearin' catz in the galaxy. We are...KING VOODOO

Musically we are trying to kick Rockabilly into the new millenium. Blending influences of Stray Cats,Horton Heat & the early Meteors sound along with a splash of Voodoo Power to create their own distinct sound. We use modern production on our songs and try to keep the music as exciting and fresh as ever. We also try to include some cool themes to our songs to make you think a bit.

Since 2000 we have played 60 gigs, all over Scotland where we come from. In April 2001 we played a mini tour in Nijmegen ,Holland which went brilliantly. We've also been touring with Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, The Ray Gelato Giants & Matchbox.

Website: King Voodoo
Scotty Lee (044) (0)1224 612208/874602
32 deevale terrace
Aberdeen, uk, ab12 5rj

King Voodoo - Rockabilly Missionary
King Voodoo - Those Damn Dames

Voodooville (CD, Crazy Love Records)

King Voodoo - Voodooville

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