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Kims Teddy Bears


El Bat: Voice & Guitar
The Rocket: Bass guitar
Dr. Cyclops: Drums and bones


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Early 90?s 3 young Rock n? Roll fans decided to create a band. Cheap guitars and no-talents added, but they started to compose their own songs. They will be a trio, they will play Punk n? Roll and will appear on stage masked.

From 1996 to 1998 the band started to show a personality and a musical direction and in the ?98 came out the selfmade EP 7? ? ?Teddytales from Mars?, six Punk n? Roll, Horror Surf tracks.1999 is the year of ?Fivevil Tracks? another EP 7? off raw Rock n? Roll with a better production. The EP is well received both from italian ?zine than forengers ones and the number of the show increase.

At the end of 2000 the band has done an hundred gigs and in the same year they played with S.T.P., Spamabilly, Groovy Goulies, Dr. Explosion, Flashtones, Demented are go. They also played in the winter and summer edition of ?Festival Beat?.In december came out ?Hellbound Babe!? a CD produced by ?Hangover Record? (S.t.p., Spamabilly, Homoplastic, Retarded), 14 Rock n? Roll, Psycho Rockabilly tracks that sign the ultimate sound of K.T.B.During 2003 they released the 2nd album: ?Tales and Flames? ? CD ? 2003 Mad Driver /P.o.t.a. records and they toured with the kings of Psychobilly?s scene: Demented are Go and Nekromantix.

Website: Kims Teddy Bears
Battaggi Cristiano.via Codalunga 12
Torrazza Coste 27050 (PV)

Kims Teddy Bears - Bad Taste
Kims Teddy Bears - Donkey Done
Kims Teddy Bears - King came from Mars
Kims Teddy Bears - Masked driver

Kims Teddy Bears - King Came From Mars (MP3)

Hellbound babe! (CD, Hangover Record)
Tales and Flames (CD, Mad Driver)
Hormonas VS Kim's Teddy Bears (10 inch, Nicotine Records)

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