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The Hyperjax

The Hyperjax


SAM WOODS - Guitar & main vocals
BOB CORNER - Double bass & vocals
MATT COOLEY - Guitar & vocals
BUNDIE - Drums & Vocals

The Hyperjax have a new album: The Wildest ...more >>
21st Nov 2008
The Hyperjax have a new album: The Wildest Card
27th Oct 2008
THE HYPERJAX - Brand new album
7th Mar 2007

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North West of England Punk/Rockabilly foursome's music could be described as a mix of the rabble rousing swagger of The Clash and the early Meteors with sing-a-long anthems of Sham 69 and The Long Tall Texans to name a few. Brought to you with attitude and charisma. All this in a dynamic stage performance youll never forget.

In the summer of 1996, singer and guitarist Sam Woods began jamming along with double bass player Bob Corner both sharing the same interests in Rockabilly and Psychobilly music. Together they formed the first incarnation of The Hyperjax with drummer Martin Cox who was replaced by Fido Banks in 1997. They began gigging on the pub/club circuit as well as the so-called "Rockin scene" playing traditional 50s cover and a few of their own compositions. The line up was secured in Jan 2000, when Fidos departure saw powerhouse versatile tub-thumper Wally P. Parkinson joining the fold. By now they we're bored of playing pubs and the Rockin scene that to them had become too conservative towards their new streetwise punkier sound. The band thought they'd stick their necks out and continue to walk in their own shoes, and that was to play all original songs even if it meant less money. That was the Motto!

This proved to be a wise move and their music began to appeal to a younger generation of new Punks and students. The new direction built them a following in venues in their own right and that year in October they landed a slot in New Jersey USA at its first and so far its only BIG RUMBLE WEEKENDER, along with their peers on the Psychobilly scene: Nekromantix, Batmobile and The Quakes. Together they appeared on film performing their then MP3 single 'Happy Pillz'. Not bad for a band who hadnt released a full album yet. 2001 saw them play Holland and Germany and up and down the UK in between recording their debut album and in early in 2002 it emerged on Raucous Records as 'Generation X-Rated' - 10 original tracks: echos of the Guana Batz debut 'Held down to vinyl at last' sprung to mind with years of anticipation by the band and fans alike. It had been along time coming, but well worth it. Rave reviews followed, and their quest for glory gained momentum.

This year in 2003 they embarked on their DIY 'Seven year itch tour' (appropriately titled) up and down the UK in a week, something they'd never really done in their sometimes-difficult 7 years. In August they appeared two nights running at 'The Carling Reading Festival' playing one of their largest gigs to date: in front of an all-new buzzing crowd they went down a storm and were later complemented by members of Californian Punk band 'Pennywise'. In the December 03 issue of UNCUT their rendition of the Clash song Capital Radio featured on its CD White Riot (a tribute to the Clash), along side the likes of Billy Bragg, Stiff Little Fingers and the late great Joe Strummer himself.

In early 2004 the band got booked for what was to be The Macabre Festival in San Bernardino USA. It seemed that America was the place to be After hearing that they had been played on some radio stations since their debut album was released over there. So with a few more extra dates up and down the west coast the boys headed out there in June only to discover the festival had been cancelled! The promoter by the name of Joseph had booked bands, took peoples ticket money and did a runner. After a few curses they joined the soup kitchen Psychobilly community of bands and punters who had travelled from all over the world to play this event and carried on with the salvage shows in San Francisco, Long Beach and Los Angeles and they were amazed to see the people knew the songs over there!

Back home they had introduced a Rapper (Roskrypz an old mate of Sams) to the fold for a verse in one of their new songs Rumble Fish This proved to be a controversial move in many peoples eyes, two different styles of music collaborating didnt impress the majority of the Psychobilly purists in the UK. This didnt bother the band in the slightest and thought of it highly amusing to see folk shaking their heads in dismay. After all Rock n Roll is all about rebellion, right? But then again it was Roskrypz who would manage to up lift the crowd with his banter in between and winning them rave reviews in Metal Hammer and Big Cheese magazines for a sold out London gig supporting The Horrorpops in April of that year.

This year 2005 the band have already toured with Tiger Army for their Jan UK dates winning over more new crowds. March saw Short Cuts guitarist Matt Cooley enter the fold bring more deph to the songs and shall continue to record with them on the new material. More adventures to come and hopefully a new album this year, let the fun and games begin!

Wally P. Parkinson has subsequently left the Hyperjax for personal reasons and we wish him all the best in the future. He will be sadly missed. His replacement is the legendary Chris Mundie; AKA Bundie, AKA The B-Train, also formerly of the now-split Short-Cuts. His fast, aggressive style has brought a new dynamic to the band, which ebbs more towards a punk sound than previously. The band are currently playing gigs up until the New year, then hope to record their second album, The Bottom Line, early in 2006. We'll drink to that!

Website: The Hyperjax

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