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Patricia - Upright Bass/Lead Vocals
Nekroman - Guitar/Vocals
Niedermeier - Drums/Vocals

Former members:
Karsten - Guitar/Vocals
Geoff Kresge - Guitar

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It must have been with some degree of daffy glee that the popular Danish bands Peanut Pump Gun, Nekromantix and Strawberry Slaughterhouse were stirred together. That is, after all, the only conceivable explanation of the Daffy Duck-coppin'-feels-off-Divine delight-and-surprise vibe that resonates in HorrorPops' debut Hellcat Records release, Hell, Yeah!
HorrorPops hail from Copenhagen, Denmark but the demon seed was planted in Cologne, Germany at the 1996 POPKOM festival. patricia, PPG's singer-guitarist, and Nekromantix singer-bassist Kim Nekroman met and discovered mutual affection for the sounds of Blondie, Depeche Mode, Siouxsie and the Banshees, surf, punk, ska, and good ol' rock 'n roll. They taught each to play the other's instrument and pledged to write songs that held no loyalty to any particular style.

"We didn't want to be categorized," says patricia. Where Peanut Pump Gun and Strawberry Slaughterhouse (from whom the band pilfered drummer Niedermeier and second guitarist "Caz the Clash") dwelled within the punk/alternative genre, and Nekromantix was psychobilly, HorrorPops was to be "basically, um?good old fashioned rock and roll." She reasons that everything HorrorPops incorporates into its sound goes back to that one category, and connotes the same spirit and principles. "When you look at subculture today, not many can say they're purely punk, oi, psychobilly, new wave, ska, or heavy metal. They all dig Billy Idol, anyway. We just wanted to say that out loud."

Although the record was recorded over 2001-03, HorrorPops autonomous handling of the production duties ensured a seamless, unbound, relentlessly fun vibe. patricia's punchy upright bass propels songs that are defiant of categorization; they are at once more than and exactly elemental rock tunes. "Julia" and "Cool Flat Top" play to the band's 'billy side, alive with hepkitty spunk; Psychobitches?" slinks along with a tribal, "Peter Gunn" covertness; "Girl in a Cage" mixes Josie Cotton 80s pop with ska; "Horror Beach" is the classic scary surf instro; "Ghouls" is exuberant alt-pop-Debbie Harry's head sewn onto Gwen Stefani's body, if you will; "Where They Wander" is classic punk rock with an anthemic chorus and hot "whoa-oa-oa-oa-oa" backups. The album most pleasantly reeks of immediacy.

"We are just playing our asses off and try to have as much fun as possible. The band is rocking, the go-go dancers are all over the place-they're fucked up. These babes are not your usual stripper-style go-gos, but more punked-out street go-go's, still very sexy but, sweaty, cross-eyed, and intimidating. And they make funny noises in the microphones. They're really rotten. The most often comment made over here from people watching the show is "You guys are crazy, so much stuff goes on onstage that you never know where to look or what to expect."

"We really need to break some rules and flip a finger to all the freaks in uniforms that puts down laws to what subculture music is all about."

Amen! Now, have a HorrorPop-there are worse things you can suck on.

Website: Horrorpops
Epitaph Europe: for promotion for marketing
Ph: +31.20 550 38 38
Fax: +31.20.622 39 41

Horrorpops - Julia
Horrorpops - Kool Flattop
Horrorpops - Psychobitches Outta Hell

Horrorpops - Drama Queen
Horrorpops - Girl in a cage
Horrorpops - Miss Take
Horrorpops - Where They Wander

Horrorpops - Miss Take (MP3)
Horrorpops - Where They Wander (MP3)

Hell Yeah (CD, 0Hellcat records)
Bring it on (CD, Hellcat Records)


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