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Vocals: Bas
Guitar: Thomas
Bass: Louwrens
Drums: Pepijn


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Original but not Traditional

Rockabilly, Surf, 60eez Trash, Swing, Blues, Loungy Jazz, Cha Cha Cha... Hi-Dramatic does it all!

Hi-Dramatic mixes all those fine styles into one big cocktail and serves it to the crowd with obvious delight. They Rock, they Roll, they Rip, they Roar and they Romp and they Stomp, o yeah... These four gentlemen play it like they like it, original but not traditional. Hi-Dramatic's 'all original' set features material ranging from Swinging to Moody to Fast and Raw, with or without lyrics. Hi-Dramatic is inspired by all the great rockabilly-, surf-, country & western-, blues-, jazz- and swing-heroes and moves along into the 21st century with that huge inheritance.

Their live performance mingles wild and straight-forward and laidback and easy songs to ensure a great show, as these musicians have years of experience in an assortment of rockabilly and punk-rock bands. Since Hi-Dramatic started in '98 they have been building up a steadily growing live-reputation that made people believe in these guys and their sly stylings. In june this year Hi-Dramatic released their selftitled debut-album on EarGear Recordings. fourteen songs of superb excellence: Midtempo Rockers, Funny Instrumentals, Lazy Tunes, Rockabilly Stompers and Pounding Beats...

You name 'em, they got 'em!

Website: Hi-Dramatic

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