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The Hangmen

The Hangmen


Loz Firewalker - Guitar/Vocals
Dr. Kirk - Double Bass
Spoony - Drums

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26th Mar 2002

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The Hangmen - an uncompromising blend of raw rock & roll, punk rock rage and
macabre mindscapes.
A distinctive creation that is more than the sum of it's parts and tricky to
compare, but with Psychobilly now a buzzword building up to the next big
little thing The Hangmen have a track record admired by many in the
subculture arena.

The original Psychobilly movement had long disintegrated, taking the bands
with it (many now reforming in the renaissance) but TheHangmens'
non-formulaic approach allowed them to flourish free from the binds of the
genre that spawned them. Not only did they delight the die-hards, they
confronted unsuspecting audiences for bands like The Damned, UK Subs,
Tenpole Tudor and many more - to gathering appreciation.
Be an audience inclined to Punk, Psychobilly or Rockabilly, Goth, Trash,
Metal... be they Bikers, Scooterists, Skaters...The Hangmen became unwitting
crowdpleasers to every denomination, doing nothing more than crafting their
basic yet definitive style and sound. The result is a band that survived and
thrived in the aftermath of its' origins and against all the odds -
sustained by an ever-expanding word-of-mouth network that has cultivated a
formidable no-nonsense unit with highly credible output.

With a track record of worldwide gigs, tours and festivals, a prolific album
output (99% originals) and a trunk full of multi-lingual press cuttings
garnished from all corners of the globe, the band relish and thrive in
defiant obscurity. Their macabre overtones, dark humour and eccentricity are
well noted; they randomly appear as demonic crazed clowns, their lyricism is
fraught with tension and horror and their delivery is all out to the death.
Often awkwardly described as Motorhead Vs. The Stray Cats after overdosing
on all-night horror movie reruns, they have remarkable velocity for any band
not least a trio armed with just guitar, drums and old double bass.
It's a guitar that growls its twang, a bass that slaps and thunders with
drums that rumble and pound in battle
with blood curdling vocals that complete their hellish wake-up call.
Those songs impale themselves into your subconscious, the music bastardises
everything in it's wake from the blues and original rock & roll to punk rock
and beyond - the 'Devils' Music'. It's true he has the best tunes. And not
your recipe songs about girls, booze, cars or monsters, oh no. The Hangmen
tell us we are all damned, our lives are ticking away and it's time you got
up and raised some dirt before it's all too darn late, goddammit.
They'll glorify renegades and outcasts in Spring Heeled Jack or Whore For
The Devil, they'll condemn those who damn them in Ugly or Little Men In
Suits, whilst laughing at societies absurdities in Pity My Soul, Teenage
Suicide or My Town. They'll also applaud danger with ditties such as Twitch
of the Death Nerve, or get downright creepy with the haunting menace of The
Messiah, Deathtripping or Hometime, before shaking a severed leg to the
upbeat chaos of Acid Bath, Body Bag and Dancin' On Your Grave.

Memorable highlights include their movie-shot New York Rumble Festival
appearance (also performing at it's London premier), performing at NYCs
legendary CBGBs and the distinction of ?Live-pick-of-the-week? in the
national music press during a Canadian tour.

Coming up are top festival appearances at the UKs premium Punk Rock weekend
?Wasted?, the Psychobilly ?Wreckers Ball? in California and the bikers
fave ?Storm The Castle? - with a Japanese tour in the works for good
Throw in that they are choice support to touring bands such as Hellcat
Records? Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards, Nekromantix and Tiger Army, and
when not headlining in their own right can be regularly seen warming up the
masses for rejuvenated Punk-era heroes and you begin to realise that
whenever you want to get down The Hangmen are down there ready!

>From London to LA, Berlin to New York, Montreal to Barcelona, Vancouver to
Cardiff, Arizona to Rotterdam, Boston MA to Boston Lincs., Finland to France
and many more places besides - The Hangmen have dealt their no-bullshit
deal, they play what they mean and whatever the rest of the world thinks or
does seems of no consequence.

They have momentum, they have originality and they have relentless energy.
What do you do with a band like that?

Hell knows...

Website: The Hangmen

Hangmen, The - The Evil's Calling

Hangmen, The - Let there be drums (MP3)
Hangmen, The - The Curse (MP3)

Last Train To Purgatory (CD, Bone Tone)
No Happy Endings (CD, Ripper)
Original Sin (CD, Crazy Love)
Play Dead (CD, Tombstone)
No Happy Endings (LP, Ripper)
Rock 'n roll freakshow (Single, Jet13 records)
Cacklefest (CD, Abattoir Records)


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