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Graveside Rockers

Graveside Rockers


Dusty Graves- Vocals, Double Bass Slappin'
Brian Lakey- Guitar
Chris Story- Drums

New band: Graveside Rockers
13th Mar 2005

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Graveside Rockers began in October of 2003 when Brian Lakey and Dusty Graves met at a BBQ. Brian had heard of Dusty as a performer, known as a rowdy guy with a great voice as well as a talented songwriter. Brian was interested in starting a new project and was looking for potential bandmates. Dusty knew of Brian and had seen Brian play on numerous occasions in his band Blazing Haley and had always been highly impressed with his amazing and unique guitar style.

The two started jamming together and decided to form the Graveside Rockers. Dusty (originally lined up for vocals and rhythm guitar), and Brian started searching for a drummer and upright bassist, but nothing seemed to work out. They then met a drummer named John in late January...and were looking for an upright bassist and drummer by mid February. Fed up with the failing search, Dusty decided to buy an upright and give it a try. A few weeks and many blisters later the basics were down but a drummer was still lacking.

Alas! With Blazing Haley on hiatus they asked Chris Story (also from Blazing Haley) if he was interested. He agreed to rehearse and all three were blown away by the instant chemistry of the band. The rest is fuckin' history! The lightning guitar style of Brian Lakey, the hard pounding drums of Chris Story, and the mad slapping and raunchy vocals of Dusty Graves gives the Graveside Rockers a refreshing psychobilly sound unlike any other!

Website: Graveside Rockers

Graveside Rockers - Zombies on the line (MP3)

Hymns of Iniquity (CD, 0)


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