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Chriz Garrit - Guitar, voice
Wouter Zimmerman - Doubel bass
Dr. Martin de Ruiter - drumms, screams


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1954, that?s the year when, according to the people who think they know it, the first rockabilly-single was released. ?That?s allright mama/ Blue moon of Kentucky?, the debut of Elvis Presley is a combination of raw blues and country & western. The record sighs, moans, is raw, and rocks like hell! The slapping bass makes its playfull entrance, since there were no drums in the beginning and this little loss had to be compensated by pulling the bassstrings rhythmically. Rockabilly was born and it struck like lightning on a clear blue day! After a slight pause, in the 70?s there was a true rock?n?roll-revival. With Charlie Feathers and Johnny Burnette in the back of everybody?s head there was a comeback on the way. The Stray Cats, and later Batmobile, seamed to straighten the path for traditional rock?n?roll and the wilder and hectic psychobilly.

The Grave Diggers from punkrock-city no. 1 Groningen mix both ingredients up and suck everything out that?s in it. Uncontrolled, savage, earthly noise, stomping and pushing, working it?s way to a filthy climax. The three punkabillies met each other in a clinic where they were treated for their sex-addiction and their small tendency towards alcoholism. As a sublime form of expression they decided to infect oldfashioned rockabilly with their sick enthusiasm, resulting in a dirty orgy where the speedbilly moistens the foundations of rock?n?roll like sweat and crushes it thoroughly. Bassplayer Wouter Zimmerman plays his instrument like he?s smacking his wife and tenderly licking her wounds afterwards. Chris Garrit, singer and guitarist, who has Catalan blood flowing through his veigns, pumps up the aggressive tones with a wild style until lux Interior lies moanin? at his feet. In the mean while Martin de Ruiter trashes his drumkit with a raging fury.

Musical influences are almost none, since the boys don?t like other bands, apart from AC/DC and Johnny Burnette. They just play what comes to them through long meditation and confrontations with the almighty Jah. And during such a scandalous gig, nobody can stop pogoing, dancing, stage-diving, beating each other up, or fucking.

Experience the sex of the Grave Diggers!

Website: Gravediggers

Gravediggers - Fever (MP3)

Greatest Hits Vol.2 (7 inch, 0)
She Devil Rock (12 inch, 0)
Fuck all (10 inch, 0)


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