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The Go-Katz

The Go-Katz


JEZ JORDAN : Upright Bass


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Like many bands, The Go-Katz were formed by a bunch of friends who shared similar musical tastes. Giles (Beaker) and I were school friends who formed a band called The Exorcisist playing a mix of Psychobilly and Garage Trash inspired by The Meteors and The Stingrays. At the same time another rockin' band called The Go-Go Dakotas was playing around our home town of Loughborough, with double-bass player Moff and guitarist Andy. Both bands split around the same time, and the link between the two bands was Johnny (Wolf), a friend of both Giles and Moff. Johnny was just taking up the drums, and The Go-Katz became his first band.

The newly formed Go-Katz began gigging locally in 1986, and very soon recorded out first demo. This rough and ready session was never intended for release, and the tapes were lost when the studio closed down. Recently an old friend unearthed a cassette (thanks Garrie!) - and this is where the recording of "Brain Decay" is taken from. After more gigging, we decided it was time to release our first record. Being away from London meant that we were overlooked by the record labels, so I decided to release "The Go-Katz EP" myself and started Raucous Records to do this.

Shortly after this release the original 5-piece split up, replaced by a new 4-piece minus Wolf & Beaker, but with new drummer Dave. With this line up we made our singular Klub Foot appearance, and also booked one recording session which resulted in "Living In Your Shadow" being released on a compilation called "Gypsy Girl" and "Real Gone Demented Hillbilly Kat" coming out on the "Psycho Tendencies" LP. Then The Go-Katz split, leaving just 6 tracks released.
The Go-Katz name was kept alive by those six songs reappearing on different compilation albums, including the hugely popular "Psycho Attack Over Europe" LPs. So when on a trip to St Petersburg, Russia some ten years later, I found myself at a Psychobilly gig where people had heard of The Go-Katz, and I was asked to gig with Russian musicians. Psychobilly/Surf instrumental band The Bombers proved to be the ideal band, and we played a couple of gigs and recorded "When A Stranger Calls" for the Meteors tribute album "Sympathy For The Devil". The Bombers are still going strong, and we occasionally still gig together in Russia.

In 2006, a good friend asked if I would be interested in reforming The Go-Katz to appear at a Psychobilly Festival in Spain. I got talking with Steve Clark, drummer for Rockabilly trio The Top Cats and suggested that we get a new Go-Katz line-up together. It's pretty much down to Steve's enthusiasm that things took shape. He re-introduced me to Jez who I knew from the original Go-Katz days, and guitarist Graham. A couple of rehearsals later and the new-look Go-Katz were ready to rock once more. The Spanish gig went well and we kept the band together, gigging and recording the "Maniac" EP, the title track again being a Meteors cover. And that's where things stand at the moment...

Website: The Go-Katz

Go-Katz, The - Nowhere Train

Go-Katz - Long Blond Hair (MP3)

REAL GONE KAT (CD, Raucous Records)

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