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Gazoo Bill


Jyri Tuomainen, vocals and acoustic guitar
Jarno Jussila, lead guitar and background vocals
Tony the Weird-oh, bull fiddle
Petri Nelimarkka, drums and perc.

Gazoo Bill from Finland!
21st Oct 2001

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When the band first started, they played mostly old rock-covers but later they began to produce on material as well, and found it - surprisingly - quite easy! At the moment they play one or two covers per a gig, otherwise material is their own. After the band had been performing for a couple of years, their audience began to demand some material for their stereos, too. That's why the band finally decided to march into the Happy Roads studio, and so, in June 1998, Finnish Jungle Records from Pori published Gazoo Bill's CD-EP 'Dr. Gaz'. From that album "Let Me Leave Tonight" became a big hit. The album was also delivered in USA, UK and in the Middle Europe and it was great success. The record were sold out in a flash and the first Gazoo Bill fans had seen the daylight.

In October 1998 when the last of the band members had done his military service, it was time to think of something new. After performing for some time all around Finland, the band began to produce new pieces very rapidly and so the pressure to make an LP also grew. The audience was no longer satisfied with an EP including four pieces and inside the band there was also need to finally achieve something bigger. So Gazoo Bill contacted the biggest record company of their genre in Europe, the German Crazy Love Records, where they already knew about Gazoo Bill. The company wanted very much to publish Gazoo Bill's first CD 'Fire On The Line'. The recordings began on November 1999 and were finished in march 2000. The album 'Fire On The Line' which includes 14 pieces has be published in the Middle Europe and furthermore at least in USA, Japan and Australia. Gazoo Bill made few gigs in Germany and they were really breaking through to Middle Europe! Music video has been made from the "Ghost Town" and it will be published in summer of 2001.

Website: Gazoo Bill

Gazoo Bill - Fire On The Line (MP3)

Fire On The Line (CD, Crazy Love)
Think About It (CD, Crazy Love)

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