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The Flametrick Subs

The Flametrick Subs


Buster Crash - lead vocals/guitar
Clem Hoot - lead guitar/vocals
Peggy Suicide - upright bass
Miss Fortune - drums.

New album of the The Flametrick Subs
23rd Jan 2002

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Psychobilly...that's what they play!
The Flametrick Subs hail from the capitol city in the great state of Texas...yes, Austin. Formed in 1989 by lead vocalist/guitar Buster Crash and lead guitarist Clem Hoot, The Subs are rockin' harder than ever. The Flametrick Subs have always been, and will always be a raw, high energy-filled, live performance.

The Black Cat Lounge in Austin, Texas has been their home for the past seven years, and you can still catch The Subs "live" every Saturday around the witching hour, with occasional appearances by the ever-so-evil

The Flametrick Subs have two CD releases under their belt. In 1997, "Amaze Your Friends With X-Ray Glasses!" (Teen Rebel), and in 1998, "Undead At The Black Cat Lounge" (Texas Flat Lizard). They also have two previous cassette releases. The first recording of The Subs from 1993 is "Too Hot To Hoot" (Texas Flat Lizard...good luck finding it!), and the second is a self titled demo that ended up being released some time last century.
The Flametrick Subs are releasing their third CD with Kranzke Entertainment in the spring of 2002. You can place your order for "Something in Japanese" right now!...just go to

Website: The Flametrick Subs

Flametrick Subs, The - Evil Eye (MP3)

Amaze Your Friends With X-Ray Glasses (CD, Teen Rebel)
Undead at the Black Cat Lounge (CD, Last Call Records)
Something in Japanese (CD, Kranzke)


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