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Evil Devil


Angel Face - voice
CremEvil - drums
BrosEvil - bass
PiccEvil - guitar
Teo TankaEvil - guitar

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11th Dec 2009

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Evil Devil started in March 2001 when CremEvil once again tried to put back together his previous band called "Bone Rest" which included AmbrosEvil and PiccEvil too. Since the beginning they decided to change the previous singer that was replaced by Angel Face, a very good friend of CremEvil that was since long time in the psycho scene. They decided to cut off with the past and they change the band's name into EVIL DEVIL.

It followed a short period of practicing, and the guys decided to self produce a CD with the songs they wrote since that moment, and just for fun, the band sent the CD to the german label "Crazy Love Records", probably the most important label in the psycho scene. Only two days later the label received the CD, and they replied back that they wanted to produce the band! This happened because the CD had an interesting mix of old and new Psychobilly school sound and it was something new for the scene at that moment. In the meantime, the new member Teo (ex guitar player with the Stompin' Mad Bats) joined the band as guitarist to have a more powerful sound on live shows , so Evil Devil began to organize the "Devil Scream Tour 2002" that drove these mad Italians playin' in Italy, Spain (Calella Psycho Meeting) and also several times in Germany (Markrevitz and Satanic Stomp in G?tersloh).

After the tour that ended in late October, it followed a long period of practice to write the new songs, there was a very exciting atmosphere among the members, and in a very short time they wrote and recorded their second CD: "Breakfast at the Psychohouse".

The band, despite to the short time that it took to recorded it, have dedicated more attention on the new CD. Any particular have been considered especially in terms of sound quality, backing vocals and cover art, only to mention some of the details. This was because Evil Devil members knew that the new CD would meant the opportunity to have a big chance to let their songs spread all around the world Psycho scene. Now the "Blood for Breakfast tour 2003" began, and Evil Devil started to bring their madness all over Europe and America with great performance at the biggest psychobilly festival and over 30 concerts in the year, especially the short NYC Tour which drove the band to play in Nov. 2003 at the ?famous? C.B.G.B.!!! After 2 years and 2 released CDs the band have decided for the 2004 not to play very often as in past years but to try to dedicate a lot of the time to write new songs and stay in the practise room as much as possible to be sure to have enough material to record the 3rd CD. The most important thing that happened in may 2004 is that the band signed a contract with DIE IN STLYE PROMOTION, the biggest psychobilly booking and promotion agency.
The new CD called ?Drink to Kill the Pain? will be out next April 2005 for Crazy Love Record, which will follow a long tour all over Europe.

Website: Evil Devil

Breakfast At The Psychohouse (CD, Crazy Love)
Devil Scream (CD, Crazy Love)
Drink to kill my pain (CD, Crazy Love Records)


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