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Patrick van Reijn - Guitars
Jeroen Kruiswijk - Vocals - Double bass
Arjan Kruiswijk - Drums n' Screams
Tom van Houten - Guitars (1990-1991)

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20th May 2012
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21st Nov 2008
ES-FEIV back together?
27th Oct 2008

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ES-FEIV was originally a punkband formed in 1980 by Patrick and three friends ( Paul ? bass, Dirk ? vocals and Henk ? drums. When Henk left the band in 1982 is was almost the end of the band. A new drummer was hard to find so Paul decided to bang the drums and Jeroen joined the band at the age of thirteen to play bass-guitar.

After playing everywhere for 2 years the band finally did break up. The ES-FEIV members all played in other bands but all missed the energy on stage. In 1986 they came together to do a Ramones-tribute tour. Those gigs were great. Playing songs of our all time heroes! Then Paul wanted to do something else and left the band in 1987. That was the end of ES-FEIV??.. not really.

In 1988 Patrick and Jeroen asked Dennis to play drums in a completely new ES-FEIV setting. Jeroen switched from bass to Double bass and Patrick from Telecaster and Gibson to Jazzmaster and Gretsch. We made the E.P. NOUS NOUS OK after one month playing together. It was just for fun really but the people loved it. We were not really happy with the result. But when we listen to it now it?s OK. I mean we rehearsed a couple of times and recorded one!! That was NOUS NOUS OK! A rehearsal on vinyl. We made only 500 copies. It?s very hard to get hands on today. Dennis, too busy with other bands , was replaced by Arjan (Jeroen?s younger brother).

Some of our gigs were visited by record companies. At one of them we were asked to do a LP. That company was Rockhouse/KIX4U. In 1989 we recorded COWS in MOTION. We did some great gigs and festivals. Then Patrick couldn?t combine his job with the band and stopped playing. Tom joined the band on guitar. We wrote a lot of new songs, played them on stage did photo shoots and made a layout for the new album ?Johnny?s Neighbourhood?. The band broke up again and the album never came. That was the end of ES-FEIV??.not really.

2008??.We are thinking about recording a new album and do some gigs??. We had an ES-FEIV drinking night and talked about bringing the band back to life. In the original "Cows in Motion" setting!

Keep you informed!

Website: ES-FEIV

Es-Feiv - Cows in Motion (MP3)

Cows in Motion (LP, KIX4U)


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