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KC (Kees van Bemmel): Throat and snares
Peter Vogeli: Bass(tard) and greaser
Jonathan van der Haak: Buckets

Dicemen news: a US release!
14th Apr 2005
Dicemen vs Barnyard Ballers European tour 2004
25th Oct 2004

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What happened in the past (from, let?s say 1984 to 1998). The Cenobites, Bacaradi, The Wildcats, Hot Rock, Tear It Up, Intestine, I-Reject, Cranium Stir. Summarized: a bunch of bands with various musical influences like punkrock, rock ?n? roll, rockabilly, psychobilly, hardcore and even some death metal.

Uncombinable styles? It seems not...

Because in 1999 Singer/guitarist Kees ?KC? van Bemmel was approached by bassist Peter Vogeli and drummer Ruud Ross. Before you knew it the powerbilly group The Dicemen was born. In de same year the small German record label Crazy Love Records released their debut mini-CD titled Johnny Walker (with four songs on it). But the plans of The Dicemen contained more then just jamming. After Ruud at some point in 2002 voluntarily passed the sticks to the youngster Jonathan van der Haak, the stage was set for the band play some big Dutch national festivals. In March 2003 they won the competition of "de Grote Prijs van Zuid-Holland", followed by reaching the finals of the national competition "de Grote Prijs van Nederland 2003".

More Facts: Dicemen played more then 250 shows, was chosen as one of the top 5 live bands by the Dutch Music Association. Had a full European tour in 2002, and a full Brazilian tour 2003

After releasing the single "Boogieman" on the now defunct record label Royal 3, the powerbilly trio then recently signed a record deal with the Dutch record label Suburban Records. Adding them to an existing roster that consists of Hermano, Peter Pan Speedrock and El Guapo stuntteam amongst others.

The future plans?
Total world domination. But if that?s aiming too high this irresistible trio will be satisfied by making a lot of shows by spilling blood, sweat and tears. In September of this year the band released their debut cd "A Thing Called Rock and Roll". Now the band is ready to tour around Europe to infect poor innocent souls with their dirty power rock?n roll. As long it stinks like sweat, taste like beer and innocent girls fall to their knees when hearing the straight for the heart music, these Dicemen will conquer!

Website: Dicemen

Dicemen - The Way (MP3)

A thing called Rock and Roll (CD, Suburban)
Boogieman (EP, Royal3records)


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