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Demented are Go

  Demented Are Go: STORY

Demented are Go, which you also can pronounce as: 'Demon Teds are Go' (Remember that 'Teds' are Rock-a-billy's) is the orgasmic nightmare come true. This picture above is the old formation of Demented are Go. Here you see from left to right Ant (drums), Graham (bass), Lex Luthor (guitar), and Mark Philips, alias Sparky (voice).

The singer of this band, Mark Phillips, has made quite a reputation. Especially in the Melkweg in Amsterdam, where he once got drunk and beaten up and started to throw shit at the audience. Their sound is a mixture of punkrock and psycho. A lot of punks and goths go to their gigs as well. Concerts of Demented are always great.

These photo's were taken by Wim.

  Demented Are Go: ALBUMS

Go, go demented (Link)
The day the earth spat blood (Link)
Kicked out of hell (ID)
In sickness and in health
Orgasmic nightmare (Fury)
Tangenital madness (Fury)
Live in Japan (Tombstone)
In sickness and in health/Kicked out of hell CD (Slogan)
Go, go demented/The day the earth spat blood CD (Slogan)
Best of Demented are Go CD (compliation of the first 4 CD's of Demented).
Marijuana 7" (Fury)
Demented are Go Live: Who Put Grandma Under The Stairs.
I wanna see you Bleed
Hellucifernation (Fury)

  Demented Are Go: VIDEO

Demented can be seen on the movie clip I made of their appearance on Mtv.
Other videos of Demeted include:
Sick Sick Sick
Call of the Wired.

  Demented Are Go: Lyrics

Demented are Go - Be your slave
Demented are Go - Reptile Queen
Demented are Go - Body Bag

  Demented Are Go: SOUNDS

And here's some extra soundsamples!
Pervy in the park taken from their CD 'Best of Demented are Go'.

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