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The Deadneks

The Deadneks


Joey Fangface: Voice
Cy: Buitar
Billy: Bass Slappin
Diesel D.: Drumms

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31st Mar 2010
New band: The Deadneks
28th Feb 2006

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Established in the year of our lord SATAN 2000, the Deadneks was spawned from a night of drunken debauchery & shit-talking. Ex-Go Katz USA roadie Joey Fangface & bassist Drewcifer a.k.a. Buck Satan decided to form an "old MISFITS meets Horton Heat" type band. The first rehearsal consisted of Fangface & Peter Parker on guitar playing Hank Sr. songs in the spare bedroom (Drewcifer left for the great state of TX on that day). A few months later the Deadneks was born D.O.A. Joey Fangz on vocals, Scott "Lurch Terror" Moore on guitar, Peter Parker on electric bass, & Bryan Andrews on drums. After a few months of rockin' the garage the Deadneks were signed to Erik Shock's BSC Records & entered the studio to cut a 5 Song Demo & a 7" single. Erik took over on bass (playing upright) & Peter Parker switched to rythm guitar. At the BSC Records Hillbilly Mountain Jam in June of 2001, the Deadneks delivered a drunken train-wreck of a show with Fredrick MD's Rockabilly Blues Maniacs The Blue Eyed Devils. The sound-check was great but, after 12 hours of drinking keg beer you can only imagine the result. Needless to say, that was the first & last Deadneks show until..........

Spring 2002, the Deadneks reformed when Drewcifer showed up on Fangz' doorstep. Joey got drummer Matt "Madman" Ashby (first pick for the original lineup), Drewcifer on electric bass, & the new kid Cyrus on guitar. Lurch would return on leads shortly after. This incarnation never left the basment & a total of 1 original song was written. Talk about your overachievers. Then, like clockwork, six months later the curse reared it's ugly head. Drewcifer quit the band to fuck an obnoxious drunk bitch, Lurch injured his wrist, Cy lost his digs & our practice spot, & Joey's speedfreak of a wife left him. It looked like the final nail was in the coffin and then........

Fall 2004, after talkin' shit & tryin' to round up a new circus of a band the Deadneks was reborn in undead form with Cy returning on guitar, Drewcifer on upright, & veterano & skin basher extrordinaire Diesel D. DeLage. Drew stuck around for a few practices & eventually quit due to frustrations with the bass. However, he was respectful enough to provide the band with a replacement. Enter Billy Hastings, a blue mowhaked ball of energy. With the lineup complete, we form like Voltron & make the Psycho Rock N Roll shit work! After 3 months in the Barn of the Dead, a 10 song Barn Demo was cut on D's digital 8 track & a few shows were played. A month later the boys went into the studio to record a record. 4 songs were completed (in a drunken manner) and after booking a few more shows, Cy decided to leave the band................

I don't know if the Deadneks will ever live down the 6 month lifespan but, as long as I'm a member of the living dead in this hell on earth there will allways be a sick bunch of hicks from the sticks called the Deadneks. We're currently breaking in 2 new guitar players as I write this in hopes that we can break this curse that god has bestowed upon me.

Website: The Deadneks

Deadneks - Deadnek Stomp (MP3)
Deadneks - Slaughteraxe Rock (MP3)


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