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Godless Wicked Creeps

Godless Wicked Creeps


Nik The Kid - guitar
Martin Budde - drums
Lars Grip - vox
Kim Kix - doublebass

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GODLESS WICKED CREEPS, from Aarhus, Denmark, started their musical career in 1993. A 6-track demo, made in March ?94, was send to a few labels and magazines. The german label CRAZY LOVE RECORDS got a tape from a friend, and contacted the band for a 7" vinyl, with 3 other bands.

In 1994 they released the first album VICTIM OF SCIENCE on CRAZY LOVE RECORDS. First as cd, only (the first CLR-cd, by the way). Later, May ?98, re-released as picture disc vinyl.The style then, was fast, pure?n?punk psychobilly.

GODLESS WICKED CREEPS got very good reviews on VICTIM OF SCIENCE, and started touring all over Europe.

Only one year after the first album, the band was in the studio again for the recordings of the 2nd album HELLCOHOLIC, which was a breakthrough for the band.

They toured Europe again in 1996 and played at various festivals before large audiences counting 1500-2000 people.

GODLESS WICKED CREEPS played in following countries: Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, England, Holland, Austria, France and Spain.

In 1997 the 3rd album HYSTEREO was released and this time the touring included U.S.A.

A month (March 1998) of touring up and down the westcoast in the states was at the same time the end of the original line-up. Guitarist Thomas Mejer chose to leave the band almost a year before, but helped out getting a new giutarist to replace him.

Well, Kim & Martin decided to make Godless a fourpiece-band. A new guitarist and a new singer had to be found. They didn?t have to look far. Nikolaj, the giutarist was taken from Martins other band, THE DEFECTORS, where Martin plays the organ. Lars, the singer was taken from Kims other band, LEZ BOOMERANG. Lars is playing the drums in Lez Boomerang and is the brother of Kim.

Half a year of rehearsing with the new line-up, and now ready to kick some butts again.!

The new line-up played a few gigs in Europe before going to the States again. Oktober and November 1998 took them, again from San Diego, over L.A., San Fransico to Seattle.This time also Las vegas, Salt Lake City, Reno, Portland and even Vancouver in Canada were visited.

GODLESS WICKED CREEPS are now releasing their 4th. album, SMILE. (August 1. 2001)

Website: Godless Wicked Creeps

Godless Wicked Creeps - Boy scout
Godless Wicked Creeps - We are rockers
Godless Wicked Creeps - You better run

Godless Wicked Creeps - Boy Scout

Godless wicked creeps - On the road again (MP3)

Godless Wicked Creeps - Smile
Godless Wicked Creeps - Hellcoholic
Godless Wicked Creeps - Hystereo

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