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Concombre Zombi

Concombre Zombi


MARK ?BILL? CANEPA - Vocals/Guitar
RALPHY BOY - Upright Bass

Concombre Zombi tour 2005
10th Nov 2005
Another CONCOMBRE ZOMBI mp3 is up on their site!!!
26th Nov 2002
Sorry the address for Concombre Zombi is...
23rd Nov 2002
23rd Nov 2002

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From the opening sounds heard on Concombre Zombi's masterpiece "Daylight Comes" record, it is apparent to the listener that no ordinary psychobilly experience is about to unfold. At hand is a remarkable piece of musical work that transcends traditional definitions of psychobilly. Decide for yourself as there may be a new favorite album in store for you right here and now. An urgent calling from the underworld that beckons saints and sinners alike to partake in a hearty and succulent Concombre Zombi feast!

Some of you may remember Mark "Bill" Canepa from his Northern California days with Hayride To Hell, a Santa Cruz psycho band that helped shape the American psychobilly scene that we know and love today. When Mark and his lovely wife Annalisa picked up and moved from Cali to Texas, it wasn't long before Mark had hooked up with local TXPSY pioneer Destin Pledger. Destin plays drums like a hillbilly roughneck all hopped up on 3 rails of methamphetamine that was washed down with140 proof moonshine. A perfect balance between tight and loose. Enter upright bassist extraordinaire from Victoria, Texas?known simply as Ralphy. Ralphy claims to hate psychobilly but he loves himself some Concombre Zombi. With a rock star ego and natural-born talent, Ralphy adds a Hollywood dimension to this motley crew. Together these three diverse personalities compose Concombre Zombi!

Maybe you've seen Concombre Zombi live or heard them on one of the several compilations they've appeared on over the last couple years. It is hard to deny that this band separates itself from standard psychobilly fare through their liberal use of creative songwriting and instrumentation. Influences of classic rock, death rock and metal are only some of the ingredients. You'll swear that Mark must fall asleep every night reading Edgar Allan Poe only to enter a nightmarish slumber filled with troubled human emotions and psychotic other-worldly visions of death and despair. Better him than you, right?

Translated from Latin into English, Concombre Zombi means "zombie cucumber". But actually, 'Concombre Zombi' is a species of plant. Legend has it that in the Caribbean, the Concombre Zombi plant was included in a mixture for "zombification" cocktails served to criminally-minded folk who didn't seem to learn from the error of their ways. If there's any noteworthy comparison between Concombre Zombi the band and Concombre Zombi the plant, it's probably the hypnotic effects that both the music and the properties of the plant share. If you're already a fan of Concombre Zombi the band, you know what this means. Put it this way?once you load into your CD player a copy of Concombre Zombi's new album "Daylight Comes", you are powerless against its hypnotic and relentless brain-bashing. Enjoy these 13 songs of liberation and zombification?see if you too don't fall into a trance that eventually transforms you into a walking ghoul, doomed to trek the planet earth every night until dawn; until daylight comes to save you.

Website: Concombre Zombi

Concombre Zombi - Haunted Heart (MP3)

Daylight Comes (CD, Psychobilly US)
Buried Alive (CD, Graverockers)


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