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Coffin Chaos

Coffin Chaos


Adam: Vox
Dustin: Bass, vox
Ponyboy: Guitar, vox
Danny P: Drums


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COFFIN CHAOS started back in the winter of 2001. It was just four kids (adam-vox, dustin-guitar,vox, ponyboy-guitar,vox, drac-drums) tryin to play MISFITS covers. It escalated quickly into something more. Coffin Chaos got a guy named Cole to come over and play stand up for them, cuz they loved the NEKROMANTIX, and the whole dark side of psychobilly music. It was the Misfits who started this feeling for psychobilly.

After a few months Cole called it quits. He was interested in more than playing music, same went for Drac. So dusitn, adam, and ponyboy went on practiceing non stop. Dustin finally hooked up gettin a stand up, and mastering it. So they practiced even more, and got alot of stuff down. One day they were hangin out and came across a kid who could play the drums great (Danny P.) so they asked him to jam with them. everything went great. so this is and has been the steady line up for a few months now. they also have experimented with the electric bass in a few songs, done by Josh m. A six song demo should be coming out soon!

Website: Coffin Chaos

Coffin Chaos - Nightmare on the other side (MP3)

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