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Catacomb Rockers

Catacomb Rockers


El Demonio - Guitar, screams
Daisy Rocker - Slap bass
Swamp Man - Drums


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Catacomb Rockers Began this fuckin nightmare late 2005. when pissed off that there wasnt no psychobilly around our area we decided to start this sickness and spread it!! The catacomb rockers arent your ordinary psychobilly band, they have there own unique sound of Punk and psychobilly, we call this "Psychopunk"!! Luis The Strange and his brother Swampman were lookin for a bassist and contacted daisy, she happily agreed, the monster was born, with Luis's sick twisted mind and thoughts and fast guitar riffs, swamps fast voodoo drums, and daisys frantic slappin sound, the catacomb rockers possess a sound like no other!! in two years of existense they have played with the likes of STARLITE WRANGLERS, THE COFFIN DRAGGERS, THE HENCHMEN, 3 BAD JACKS, CALAVERA, CALABRESE, LOS DIFUNTOS, MAD MARGE,BARNYARD BALLERS, KOFFIN KATS,THE ROCKETS, AND IN NOV ARE PLAYING WITH LEGENDARY BAND, THE KLINGONZ and in march played with 80s uk legends "guana batz" The catacomb rockers are quickly makin a name for themselves. The catacomb rockers are bound to fuck with your minds and morality, spread the sickness.

Website: Catacomb Rockers

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